Unlocking the True Value of NC Servo Feeders: Beyond Price

Unlocking the True Value of NC Servo Feeders: Beyond Price


Fanty Machinery has pioneered a groundbreaking solution - the NC Feeder, designed specifically for the automated feeding of sheet materials.

Unlocking the True Value of NC Servo Feeders: Beyond Price
At FANTY, we understand that when it comes to purchasing equipment, price is often a top consideration for our customers. This holds true in the world of stamping, where even first-time buyers of NC Servo Feeders often prioritize price as their ultimate decision-making factor.
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In response to our customers' inquiries about price discrepancies and the desire for cost savings, we'd like to shed light on why our NC Servo Feeders may appear to have a higher price tag compared to some alternatives. Price is indeed a vital aspect, but it should not overshadow the critical elements that impact performance and long-term value.
The Choice of Electrical Components
At the heart of our NC Servo Feeders, we employ a meticulously selected range of Japanese components. We use Mitsubishi servo drivers (for motor control), Mitsubishi servo motors (for the primary system operation), and Mitsubishi PLCs (for pulse and control). These components are expertly integrated with a 7-inch high-precision touchscreen for display and operation. This comprehensive approach ensures precise positioning control, stable feeding speeds, and consistent performance. In contrast, many other feeder manufacturers often substitute Japanese systems with Taiwanese or even domestic components to cut costs. While this might result in lower upfront prices, it significantly compromises precision, stability, and the overall lifespan of the equipment.
Manufacturing Processes
The coil car lifting steel coil and uncoiling after decoiler, then pushing steel to straightener and feeding to NC servo feeder equipment. Then drives the material forward to the work table, where it is delivered into the die within the press to complete the automated stamping process.

The CNC system, powered by a Mitsubishi PLC, a Yaskawa servo motor and driver, and a high-precision 7-inch touchscreen, controls the entire system.
The production methods employed greatly influence the feeder's precision, durability, and overall cost. For instance, in the machining of the main body, we exclusively use CNC machining centers. The feeder's frame is meticulously welded from a single sheet of steel, which is then polished and subjected to stress-relieving heat treatment before the bearing holes are machined. This rigorous process guarantees concentricity and a high degree of alignment. In contrast, domestic manufacturers frequently use conventional lathes for machining the frame and hole positions, leading to inconsistencies in quality.

Regarding the feeder's rollers, we employ imported bearing steel as raw material. This material undergoes quenching, induction hardening, hard chrome plating (with a chrome thickness of 0.05mm on each side), and precision grinding, ensuring surface accuracy, wear resistance, smoothness, and extended service life. In contrast, many domestic manufacturers utilize basic 45# steel for rollers, often skipping heat treatment and chrome plating. As a result, their rollers tend to develop deep dents after just a few months of use, to the detriment of feeding precision.

Hence, when choosing an NC Servo Feeder, we urge our customers not to make a decision based solely on price. We encourage you to inquire into the electrical components, materials, and manufacturing processes, and visit production facilities to witness the craftsmanship and quality control firsthand. This comprehensive approach may appear meticulous, but it is the path to ensuring peace of mind and long-term satisfaction with your investment.

At FANTY, we are committed to delivering not just products but value, ensuring that our customers are equipped with the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions in the industry. Your satisfaction and the success of your operations are our top priorities.

For more information and to explore our comprehensive range of NC Servo Feeders, please don't hesitate to contact us. Discover the difference quality makes.

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