Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine for Precision Stamping
Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine for Precision Stamping
Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine for Precision Stamping
Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine for Precision Stamping
GO Series Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine

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Standard white (other colors are available)
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Description of Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine
Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine for precision stamping
Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine for precision stamping

The integrated structure ensures synchronization between the decoiler and straightener. This leveling system's pneumatic rod pressing and release system on upper rollers and handwheel roller gap adjustment give superior coil straightening outcomes than a conventional straightening machine.

Features of Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine
● Straightener and decoiler are combined in one machine, reducing overall dimension, saving space and reducing feeding error.
● All rolls are made of solid bearing steel, have all been quenched, hard-chrome plated, high-hardness, strong resistance to abrasion long service life.
● The machine adopts air cylinder pressing material, straightening gap adjustment adopts synchronous worm gear, turning the handle one cycle can adjust the roller height 1mm. So as to very suitable for thickness material and having high precision adjustment
● Suitable for stamping and processing all kinds of Hardware, Toy, Auto parts, then feeding and straightening, accurate and durable

Specification of uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine
Coil Width
Coil Thickness
0.4-2.2 mm
Coil O.D.(mm)
Ø 450-530
Coil I.D.(mm)
Ø 1200
Max. load(kg)
Expansion way
Line speed (m/min)
Leveling adjusting
Sensing method
Touch Sensor
Application of Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine
1) Apply to the hardware, stamping, electronics, household appliances, car parts, cabinets, metal, packaging, industrial, machinery, and other sectors.

2) appropriate for materials including iron coils, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cold- and hot-rolled steel, and low-carbon steel.

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Decoiler part of Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine
Uncoiler Part
It has a motorized uncoiling tool for thin coil material and a loop rack. The coil hold-down arm is set up to handle coil processing for particularly challenging materials.
Straightener Part of Uncoiler Cum Straightener Machine
Straightener Part
It is simple to open the straightener part for routine maintenance. The handwheel on the turbine shaft is used to adjust the roller gap space. The straightening rollers are created in accordance with the GCr15 standard.
Company details
Fanty is a manufacturer of decoiler, feeder and press machine. We are providing automated stamping solutions
Company details

Fanty machine focus on the domestic market of punch press automation equipment production and sales from 2013. The field including domestic hardware industry , automotive stamping line, auto metal stamping part, saw blade production, high speed rotor and stator stamping and lamination, eyelet stamping line and so on.

We provide high quality uncoiling, leveling, feeding and punch equipment to help many local factories realize the importance of automation production, and more and more factories upgrade and improve their metal stamping line. Fanty machinery has exported machine to more than 30 countries. MORE

Q: After receiving the uncoiler cum straightener machine, how to use it? 

First, when you receive an uncoiler cum straightener machine, you must contact us. Our engineer will work with you to handle it. Second, before you receive the equipment, we email you the user manuals. Thirdly, our qualified specialist will instruct you online till you can effectively utilize it on your own.

Q: Payment conditions?

1) T/T stands for a foreign bank transfer. 30% down payment; we'll build the machine for you. before shipment, 70%. It is quick and practical.

Q: How do I pick the right uncoiler cum straightener machine? 

You can provide us with information such as the working piece's material, thickness, width, and other specifics. Using our expertise, we can suggest the uncoiler cum straightener machine that will work best.

Q: Do you offer setup and commissioning services for your uncoiler cum straightener machine?

Yes, we do. Before delivery, the equipment was setup and debugged. The device is immediately usable following delivery. Naturally, we could also send our technologists to your nation to install and debug the device, but there would be a cost.